Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Successful Dallas PPC Marketing Campaigns and Their Vital Elements

What drives success in pay-per-click (PPC) marketing? Well, there’s the selection of keywords and strategic bidding; however, they only accomplish the “attraction” part of PPC—what you want is to increase conversion. For this, you’ll need to start optimizing your landing pages with the help of PPC experts so as to take things to the next level. Five Key Lessons This is the focus of an article published in Search Engine Journal. It highlighted five lessons learned from landing pages with effective design. They are as follows: (1) Choosing simplicity. Sometimes, a simple landing page with minimal text and just a call to action may be more effective than long-form pages; (2)Test always. Many PPC marketers are testing keywords, ad groups, and ad copy, but some tend to forget that landing pages are also important to test; (3) Ad copy and keywords should match. While this is a lesson often repeated, few people follow through with it; (4) Be different.

Monday, 13 April 2015

Effective Dallas Web Design with Increasing Mobile Device Dominance

What direction are the trends in web layout heading to? Business 2 Community, an online resource for business strategies including digital and social, published an article on the trending web design layouts this 2015. Before discussing those trends though, it’s important to learn why they are becoming more significant. It can be traced to the rise of responsive design, which in turn can be traced back to the growth of mobile. In today’s internet usage, 60 percent is mostly mobile. Around 90 percent of adults in the U.S. own a cell phone and from that 90 percent, 58 percent own a smartphone. Moreover, smartphones aren’t the only ones that make up the mobile traffic. You should also count e-readers (32 percent of U.S. adults) and tablets (42 percent).

How to Know if Pinterest is Good for Your Business

Aside from the so-called “usual suspects” like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, Pinterest is also one of the more popular social media platforms. But how could you know if it would work on your enterprise?
Your audience should be your first source of information. A quick look into your website’s Google Analytics page will help; the traffic referral section will most likely contain Pinterest as a common traffic driver for your site. The mere fact that your customers are showing interest in the site is the sole proof you need to consider including Pinterest into your social media marketing strategy.
Try checking on Pinterest user stats right now, and see these facts for yourself: the majority of Pinterest users are women (68.2 percent, to be exact). If your venture primarily targets women between 25-44 years old, then by all means include Pinterest in your social media marketing efforts as the site will help you reach a larger number of potential customers.
Another method involves reviewing your site’s visuals. Do you have a particularly high-quality photo, video, or infographic? Sparking a Pinterest “pinning” frenzy is as easy as identifying your top-notch visual content and putting these within reach of Pinterest users.
Lastly, focus on your goals. If you’re looking to use Pinterest, ask yourself this: what type of success do you want to achieve? A Pinterest marketing strategy is vastly different from a Facebook one, so you’ll need to consider your options carefully before pushing the button.

Saturday, 11 April 2015

Five Surefire Guides to Bolster Social Media for Dallas Businesses

Social media is one of the best tools businesses can use to expand their market base online. Account set up is free and the potential market for business within the social media channels is tremendous. It’s a sea teeming with fishes upon which to cast your marketing net. The question is, are you using your net correctly? If your social media strategy is not giving you desired conversions, you may need to change your approach. A Dallas social media consultant will provide you the following tips to help you maximize your social media. Be sensitive to your target market’s needs. Learning about their needs will help you interact with them on a more personal level. Scout online forums to know about their issues with the industry. Minimize promotional pitches; instead, focus on their concerns and find ways to subtly position your offerings as a solution to their problems.

Friday, 10 April 2015

On Google’s Pay Per Click and AdWords Services

The math of marketing is a simple one: businesses spend to create marketing material, which in turn is used to entice customers to make purchases, making sales for the businesses. Although the formula is immutable, it does not always mean that businesses get sales for their marketing efforts in a one-to-one ratio. To get the most out of marketing, companies need to turn to profitable ways of promoting themselves, costing them less while earning them more.

Google’s Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising service is one such cost-effective method that businesses can use. It works by displaying a banner ad whenever select keywords (specifically the words a business bid for on Google AdWords) are used in Google’s search engine. They are called “pay per click,” because you only have to pay for the service every time the ad is clicked; this mechanism assures businesses that they only spend for their truly interested customers.

While Google’s popularity can guarantee some exposure for most PPC ads, businesses can enhance their visibility further by taking a few more steps. They will need to closely manage their account on AdWords, carefully selecting the right keywords and placing reasonable bids per click, which can improve their chances of having their ads appear. Of course, businesses also have the option to enlist the aid of a specialist marketing agency that can monitor the account and adjust the bids accordingly.